President Challenge

Time to start is now.


Have you ever heard this at our Quilt Show? “Are any of these quilts for sale?”

 That is a very common question that we have at our quilt shows.   So let’s take this question and do some good with it.  


Lynette’s Challenge:

     I would like to challenge each one of our members to make at least one quilt project to be hung at the show for sale with a price put on the project, along with the name of the charity of your choice. Then the sale price that is put on the quilted item will be paid directly to that charity.   
     The people that purchase the quilts will write the check directly to the charity you pick. 




A twin size quilt is made and a price of $200 is put on it.  
During the quilt show, the quilt is hung up in a special display area. The person writes the check directly to the charity of your choice like Camp Ewalu.  The quilts will be taken down and sent home at the time of sale during the quilt show. 



What happens if!

If a person stops and says I love that quilt but I can only afford to pay $150 instead of $200. Their name can be taken down and they will be contacted at the end of the show to see if they are still interested if the quilt doesn’t sell for the registered amount. 
 We will check with the maker before we OK the lower price. 
Please have the quilts finished by September 1, 2024.   We will take a picture of the quilt and send the picture of it to the charity of your choice.   Our hope is they will then show it on their website or Facebook page and promote our quilt show along with your quilt. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.  
Thank you for all you do!