NorthEast Iowa Quilter’s Guild 


NEIQG has been in existence for going on 40 years with a current membership of around 70. The guild has a wide variety of interests and hope you will come join us for a meeting some time in the near future we meet the first Tue of the month usually at the Luana Savings Bank Basement at 2 and 7 pm. 

A program is provided with many different themes and to appeal to a variety of interest. Along with that we have a yearly challenge with this years challenge is to select a magazine and turn to page 40 and then use that page to inspire your challenge. More info below.



Charity challenge for the guild this year is to make pillow cases to be given out thru hospitals, local food banks, Christmas give away, etc. So join us in our making of pillow cases with fun fabrics. Kits are available for members to pick up at guild meetings to be taken home and put together and either donated in the members local area or returned to the guild to be distributed. 


Come join us! Please fill out this membership form and either mail or bring it to a meeting 


As a new member what you need to know!

There are two download link one for a membership handbook and other is the guild by-laws . These two documents should help you know more about the guild an as a member what we hope you will participate in.


Membership Handbook

We encourage all new members to make a name tag and this year we are suggesting that your name tag look like this.  You are welcome to create your own name tag by your own design.

Name tag information


Program for the year

The Program Brochure in the link below has the program plan for the upcoming year please check the Newsletter for the most up to date information. 

2022-2023 Program Brochure

Welcome to our 2022-23 Challenge  to learn more check out this PDF that explains the challenge.

Challenge Info here.

April 4 we meet in Luana at 2 pm and 7 pm. Our program will be provided by Forest Mills Quilt Shop they will be showing off their large grouping of panels that they have for sale at the shop. 

We will have a zoom  for both afternoon and evening. 



The North East Iowa Quilt Guild will meet May 2nd at 2 pm and 7pm  we will have a truck show provided by Robin Rielly where she tells about her journey with Learn Laura Heine’s collage technique.  

This program will be available both in person and via zoom. 

Then on May 3 we will have a workshop/class check out class information.

Class information