Northeast Iowa Quilters' Guild

If you are going somewhere and want to print a poster to take along please download and print a poster to take along. There is also a download for the bookmarks if you are going somewhere and want to take along some bookmarks please feel free to download the file and print then and take them along. Thanks for helping advertise our show.



Name Tag Info:



2018 Quilt Show October Jewels Name Tags

Make a 3 x 3 half square triangle square with light and dark fabric (use batiks if desired).

 Set on point.  Write NEIQG on light or dark half and your name on other.

 Finish as desired.

These samples are what the show ribbons will look like and have the name of the show on them you can do that or just put your name where the show name is at.  I remember someone saying the were going to take two squares and add some interfacing and then sew down the middle and fold the light half up to make a triangle and do the same for the darker print and button hole stitch around the edge saves having to turn them. Just a couple options.