Northeast Iowa Quilters' Guild

#1 Challenge Quilt Guild

I. Increase membership

A. Our challenge to you:

1. To increase our membership by 25 or more

2. Think where we want this guild in 5-10 years

3. Increase energy, interest, and workload

4. Not an easy challenge! Just as hard for us

B. How to do this

1. Bring guest, sign the book, drop your name in canister

2. Any guest you have brought who ends up filling out a membership form, turns it in, and pays dues, gives you the opportunity to sign your name in book and drop your name in 10 times!!!! In other words, you get credit for helping them see the wisdom in joining the guild. You will see why you want your name in as many times as possible.

C. Summary

1. Drawing will be at May meeting when altogether

2. The more your name is in the canister the better your odds.

3. Rewards will be drawn for cash: 100, 75, or 50

D. The entire group will benefit because we will have increased enrollment.

II. Conclusion Good Luck!

Added on November 1, 2016

1. If you bring a guest and they become paid members, you not only get to add your name 10 times, you, also, will not have to pay dues next year! So very important to get your name inside the canister and make sure we know you have brought a guest that did become a paid member.

#2 Challenge -Complete Projects inspired by quilt guild programs or from retreat

I. Explanation of challenge

A. Defining completed projects

  1. Any project you complete from a workshop during retreat or any project you complete from one of the monthly programs

  2. Any project you complete where you were inspired from one of the program workshops or retreat. Ex. - One of Doris’ applique kits different from the workshop kits. Or maybe you made up your own landscape or picture, but used her techniques! How cool is that!

II. Summary

A. Rules

  1. All projects must by completed by the May meeting

  2. All projects must be from retreat workshops or from monthly programs. Or, the project can be your inspiration from ideas or techniques you picked from one of the retreat workshops or monthly programs. Size does not matter.

  3. Drop your name and the name of your project or projects into the canister.

  4. Drawing for 3 people who have completed their projects for $100, $75, or $50. Not judged